Monday, 7 November 2016

Comandulli system plus second hand edge polisher

for straight edges and rounded profiles

This is a special model – it is the System Plus DPGE CU. You can position the material vertically (using vacuum cups) in the final part of the machine to create bas-relief and writing.
In addition it is designed to work transversely and the tool lines up perpendicular to the material, allowing more elaborate profiles to be created on a small radius.
This machine can also process larger thicknesses than the System Plus Standard (up to 500mm).
The machine is in prefect condition and is still assembled. It has worked very few hours.

- motor: 380 V, 50 HZ, 47 a, 18 Kw
- overall dimensions: 6000 x 2400 x 2100 mm
- weight: 4.600 kg
- table: pneumatic turn table
- pneumatic holding- slab pistons
- monoblock structure
- centralized automatic lubrication
- automatic device which stops the machine in event of exhausted abrasive tooling
- hydraulic spindle
- nr. of polishing spindle: 1
- thickness of material: 10-500 mm
- useful work length: 3500 mm
- automatic tool change magazine with 12 position
Condition: Excellent.
Anyone interested?
+36 31 780 3621
( also on whatsapp or viber )
Landline nr.: +36 23 786 638

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